Methods of Consumption

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to cannabis. That’s why we carry a variety of cannabis products. Learn more about cannabis consumption methods.

Smoking (flower, pre-rolls, concentrates)

For many, smoking is the preferred method of cannabis consumption. Users smoke flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates (in the form of wax or a vape pen). Users who utilize smokable cannabis products are able to access a much wider variety of different products than other consumption methods.

With hundreds of strains coming in the form of pre-rolls and flower, this consumption method allows greater strain experimentation than other methods. Pre-rolls and flower function the same, although you are allowed greater versatility in flower as you can smoke it using a variety of tools like pipes or bongs, or rolling your own joint.

Concentrates are a little different. They’re highly potent, enabling users to “smoke” significantly less and feel the same effects as if they’d consumed a much greater amount of flower. Concentrates in the form of vape pens enable users to vaporize cannabis products, minimizing the amount of smoke and maximizing the effect. For this reason, we typically recommend concentrates to users with higher tolerance, or who have a sensitivity to smoking.

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Oral Ingestion (edibles, tinctures)

Edibles and tinctures are a great alternative to smoking cannabis products. For those sensitive to smoke, or those who don’t like smoking, edibles and tinctures offer a more enjoyable alternative ingestion method.

Edibles come in many forms, from candy bars, to gummies, to cannabis-infused cooking spices, there is a world of possibility. A quick warning about edibles: They can take up to four hours before a user feels their effects. Keep this in mind when eating edibles. It’s always better to eat a little, then wait to gauge the effect, rather than eating more and more until it all hits you at once. You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less than what you’ve already taken and if that’s too much, you’re less likely to enjoy your experience.

Tinctures are a cannabis-based solution that users can ingest, or leave sitting under their tongue for a few minutes so it kicks in. Cannabis tinctures are used in a greater capacity when treating medical conditions like tetanus, gout, tonsillitis, alcoholism, menstrual cramps, cholera, arthritis, and many others.

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Topical Application (balms, salve, lotions, creams, oils, sprays)

Primarily used for pain relief, cannabis topicals include balms, salves, lotions, creams, oils, and sprays. These are typically applied to the problemed area to soothe tense muscles or ease aches and pains.

Topicals are not meant to have a psychoactive effect—there’s no high, just pain relief, reduced inflammation, and/or other skincare benefits.

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