Have you met Lynn’s lovable mannequin, Sexpot? This model’s got big dreams:
Become our Chief Marketing Officer and the most famous mannequin in Lynn history. How? Charm, good advice, compassion, conversation, and a few gifts to friends around the city.

Hi there! My name'sSexpot—great to meet you!

I’m dedicated to bringing tranquility and balance beyond Essex Apothecary’s doors and into Lynn’s heart by becoming the dispensary’s Chief Marketing Officer.

I believe in myself, share positivity, and love making friends in Lynn by offering helpful advice about my favorite products at Essex Apothecary (and maybe giving a few gifts along the way).

Well, that’s me! Hope to see you around Lynn soon! Maybe I’ll give you one of my Learn to Love Thyself gift bags, but only if you play Where in Lynn has Sexpot Been?

It’s been great talking to you!

I hope your future brings self-love, self-care, tranquility, and beautiful buds.

Where in Lynn has Sexpot Been?

Life shouldn’t be all work and no play! When Sexpot’s not at the dispensary, you’ll find the model hanging out at some of the coolest places around the city.

Guess The Spot and You Could Win!

We’ll upload a picture of Sexpot somewhere in Lynn. Sexpot’s first friend to visit our dispensary and correctly guess the pictured location will get Sexpot’s Learn to Love Thyself gift bag!

Don’t have the correct guess? No worries! You’ll still get to visit the coolest dispensary (and mannequin) around.

The Ultimate Learn to Love Thyself Gift Bag
$100 Seaport Salon & Day Spa Gift Card
Self-Care Journal with 64 Inspirational Cards & Self-Care Guidebook
Rhodonite Bracelet
Rose Quartz Self Love Gemstone Aromatherapy
Roll-On Oil

sexpot’s picks of the month

Orange Gasm Pre-roll

I love a strain that helps me find balance. Orange Gasm gives me the giggles, general feelings of happiness, and a smile after a stressful day. Although this isn’t my go-to for relaxation, the citrus taste brings joy to my taste buds, and not having to take the time to roll a joint makes a pre-roll a great choice every time in my book.